Valentine’s Day Activities for Little Kids

I like to get the kids involved in holidays, but I try not to go overboard.  I don’t want to set the expectation that every holiday is like Christmas 🙂  I spent a whopping $20 (if that) on Valentine’s Day for the kids this year.


I like to read books with the kids to help them learn about the holidays.  Leopold (3) is starting to remember traditions around the holidays, but just barely.  The boys love the book Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day.  We have been reading it over and over again.

Here are a few other good books for the 2-4 age group:

Handmade Valentine’s

At 2 and 3, the boys are just starting to like crafts but I have to keep them simple.  I took the kids to Michaels a few days ago and let them pick out some special paper to make Valentine’s cards.  We ended up with some themed paper…and also some Spiderman paper and Ninja Turtles stickers 🙂  Sure, why not?

During naptime, I cut the paper up into hearts.  I also cut apart the spiderman paper into individual comic scenes.

I had some regular construction paper in red, pink and white already at home so I cut that into large hearts and folded some blank cards.  I set out some large glue sticks.  Here’s a photo of the setup before the kids got started (stickers not pictured):

I gave each of the boys a glue stick and just let them make whatever they wanted.  I was around to help give them suggestions, but I didn’t make the cards for them.  At school, Leopold gets a lot of instructions during art projects so he can learn to follow directions, which is really good but at home, I try to give him room to be creative – I think both are important!

Here are a few finished cards.  I’ll help the kids address them before we give them out to family and friends.

Actual Valentine’s Day Celebration

I bought the boys really small heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  I think there are 4 chocolates inside.  Instead of just giving the boys the chocolate, I’m going to do a small game with them.

I’m going to hide paper hearts around the house and once they find 10 hearts, I’ll give them their “prize” – chocolates.  This will help reinforce counting in addition to (hopefully) being fun.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids?

– Anna, Life with Little Ones

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