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Potty training has been my least favorite part of parenting so far. I had expectations that we would potty train our oldest in one weekend (maybe two) and that would be it. I had no idea it would be such a long process until he was truly potty independent. Our oldest is almost 4 and nearly independent and we have just started potty training our middle child. I’ve been joking with my friends that I quit my job to become a professional butt wiper ūüôā

I pulled together a list of all the things we used for potty training. It definitely goes beyond undies and a potty seat. We found these things to be really helpful – maybe you will too?

The Gear

    • Undies –¬†This one is fairly obvious. ¬†We tried training pants, but ultimately just ended up using regular undies. ¬†I’d suggest buying several packs so you will have clean ones on hand in case of accidents.
    • Potty Seat – We bought both a potty chair and a¬†seat that goes on a regular potty. ¬†My boys did not like the potty chair and went straight for the regular potty with a seat. ¬†This was really nice because there is less cleanup each time. ¬†I bleach their potty seats once a week (or as needed). ¬†There are also potty seats that you can purchase that are built into a regular toilet seat. ¬†I wish I knew about these sooner!

      Regular Potty Seat
Potty Seat that Integrates with Regular Seat
Potty Chair
    • Travel Potty Seat – We have a fold-up potty seat that I keep in the diaper bag in case we need it while we are out and about. ¬†This is the one we used:¬†PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles, White granite¬†but there are lots of options on Amazon.
    • Extra Bedding – You might not start nighttime potty training right away, but when you do it is helpful to have extra bedding – sheets and waterproof liner. ¬†Also, check out my parenting hack to save time on changing sheets in the middle of the night.
    • Rewards – There are a lot of potty training techniques, but we used small rewards as incentives. ¬†We used fruit flavored tic tacs (per a friend’s suggestion) and they worked very well. ¬†It was also nice because they are small, portable and don’t cost very much. ¬†I started buying them in bulk on Amazon. ¬†These are the ones we used:¬†tic tac Fruit Adventure Singles, 1 Ounce (Pack of 12). ¬†And most recently to kickstart potty training with my middle child (Frederick), we started doing a sticker reward chart.
    • Flushable Wipes –¬†We keep flushable wipes in the bathroom. ¬†We buy them in bulk from Costco.
    • Stool – For the regular potty, we used a stool to help the kids get up and down. ¬†We just have a cheap plastic stool from IKEA. ¬†I’ve also seen some pretty cool stool/ladders that connect to a potty seat.
    • Plunger – We bought a “heavy duty” one. ¬†My husband also YouTubed a bunch of plumbing videos when things got really serious, and a result he knows way more about plumbing than he would like to know.
    • Carpet Cleaner – We used this when the boys had accidents…this is generally a good thing to have around even outside of potty training. ¬†Kids and¬†carpet¬†don’t mix very well. ¬†We purchased ours at Costco but here is a link to a similar one on Amazon: Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner.
    • Night Light for the Bathroom –¬†We use a small LED one in the bathroom so when Leopold wakes up in the middle of the night, he can find his way.
    • Pants with Elastic Waist – It’s really nice or kids to be able to pull off/on their pants when they need to go! ¬†My kids had a lot of trouble with zippers, snaps and buttons early on. ¬†I love the Cat & Jack pants from Target. ¬†They have lots of cute options so you don’t just have to put your kid in sweatpants! They are also really affordable. ¬†Here are some cute Cat & Jack jeans.
    • Books – To get our kids excited about potty training and to keep them interested, we have a bunch of potty training books. ¬†Here are the ones that we really like:

I will probably have a few more posts about potty training because that’s my life right now.

Good luck!

– Anna, Life with Little Ones

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