Odette’s Nursery

My youngest is 4 months old and I finally got around to taking photos of her nursery to share.  Most of her nursery is made up of second-hand items because 1) she is the third child 2) nurseries are temporary and 3) we are on a tight budget since I just quit my job (more on that here).





The crib was passed down from my sister-in-law and Odette is the 5th baby to sleep in it!  It’s a little beat-up by now, but still sturdy and holds lots of memories.

The rocker is also second-hand.  It is SUPER comfortable, but not the exact style I would pick if I was starting from scratch.  It is the same one we used with the older kids so there wasn’t any sense in buying a new one at this point 🙂

The curtains are blackout curtains that I recently purchased from Target and I LOVE them.  I actually have a different pattern that I used in the boys’ room (I will post about that soon).  I had a lot of trouble finding a cute blackout curtain, but this new Pillowfort line from Target is fabulous.  You can find them on the target site here.  They kept running out of stock in our local store so I ordered them online and selected In-Store pickup so I was sure to get them!





I purchased this bookshelf second-hand and painted it white for my son’s nursery.  Then I added the pink triangles to give it a girly touch for Odette.  It holds a TON of books which is great.  After three kids, we have a lot of books but I love them so much I keep buying more!  To paint the bookshelf, I just used two different pink colors and hand-painted them.  I thought about using a stencil, but it was really easy to just hand-paint them.


I added a basket on the floor with baby blankets rolled up for both storage and ease of use.  It seems like I always need a baby blanket for something, so this has been really handy.  The basket is from Target and can be found here.

Above the crib, I made a mobile out of a tree branch and feathers.  I spray-painted the tree branch white and attached feathers with invisible thread.  Message me if you want more details on the construction of this…I may create a whole post on the topic.








I used an IKEA dresser as a dresser/changing table combination.  The room isn’t very large so I needed a taller dresser with lots of storage.  I purchased this unfinished and painted it white.  The changing pad it from Land of Nod and of course, it is no longer available but they have lots of options here.  I didn’t use their changing pad covers for my other two kids, but they are awesome – wash well and don’t show signs of wear after 4 months.  I wish I had known about them sooner!

For the crib bedding, I also went with Land of Nod with the Early Edition Pink Dot fitted sheet and Early Edition Pink Stripe crib skirt

Next to the changing table, I have this wire rack that I purchased from World Market.  I actually bought it before I knew what I was going to use it for, but I use it to keep her lovies and towels in here.  It’s always helpful to have towels available 🙂






My mother-in-law made this fabulous quilt for Odette that I just love.  On the back side, she included a label with her name & birthday.  So cute!

My sister MADE these stuffed animals for my first child and they have been a staple in all my kid’s nurseries! They are so cool and I can’t believe she MADE them.




We received this wooden block as a gift from my friend Erin and it is SO COOL.  On the sides, it shows her full name, birthday, the location of birth, and stats.  It’s a great keepsake and such a unique gift idea!  The blocks can be ordered on this website.

Those are all the major items.  If you see anything else in the photos that you are curious about, please shoot me a message.  Thanks!

– Anna, Life with Little Ones

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  • Erin

    January 12, 2017

    Anna you are so talented! You should start an Etsy shop (in all your spare time)!


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