Kid storage by the front door

We don’t have a mudroom or much of an entry way in our house.  With kid shoes, hats, etc. it’s important to stash things somewhere close to the door. I have tried a bunch of different storage solutions that didn’t work and I finally found something!

Our front door basically opens directly to our living room.  See my recent post about our living room transformation here for more photos of the complete space.  I found this storage bench that was really inexpensive and fits the space perfectly.

The whole bench and baskets cost me $100!  And I love that there is a basket for each kid.  The kids can easily access their shoes…which means there is no excuse for leaving them on the floor 🙂

Click to View Bench

Click to View Baskets (On Sale!)

Target has a bunch of different baskets that work with this bench so you could easily pick a different color or style.

– Anna, Life with Little Ones




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