Day in the Life: Winter 2017

I’m planning to do quarterly “day in the life” posts to give you a peak into my daily routine.  This will be part of the Day in the Life round-up organized by Julia at My Life in Transition.  It will be interesting (for me at least) to look back and these and see how things change as the kids get older.

Background: The date is Tuesday, January 17th.  I’m a (new) stay-at-home-mom.  I have three kids – Leopold is 3.5, Frederick is 2 and Odette is 4 months.  My husband’s name is Tim and he is a physician in residency.

5:30am – The boys wake up and try to leave their room.  Tim reminds them that they have to stay in their room until their clock turns green at 6am (it’s an OK to Wake clock).  Tim hops in the shower.  I get out of bed, unload the dishwasher and start getting milk cups prepared downstairs.
6:00am – I hear a cheer upstairs when the clock turns green.  The boys run downstairs.  I notice they have attempted to get dressed on their own (yay!), but Leopold’s pants are backwards.  I help him with his pants.  In the morning, I let them each pick a show from the PBS kids app, they start with Martha Speaks and then watch Bob the Builder.  I give them their milk cups and some fruit loops.  I make some black tea for myself.  I feed the dogs and let them outside.  After Martha Speaks ends, Frederick picks Bob the Builder.
Fruit Loops for breakfast
6:30am – Etta wakes up.  I change her and nurse downstairs.  Tim leaves for work.
6:45am – The boys request more food – broccoli and chicken leftovers.  Sure, whatever.
Tim rocking 2 beepers. Super cool 🙂
7:00am – I quickly get myself ready.  While I’m getting ready, Frederick is rifling through my makeup drawer…so I’m trying to finish up quickly.
Frederick in my makeup drawer.
All dressed!

7:25am – I help the boys get their boots and coats on.  I buckle Odette in the infant car seat and we leave for school!

Inside the car


Icy drive!
7:45am – We arrive at school.  It’s really icy and we walk into school carefully.  I carry Odette in the infant car seat and the boys walk themselves.
8:20am – I arrive back at home with Frederick and Odette (down one kid!).  Frederick plays with play doh at the kitchen table.  I let out the dogs.  Odette is hungry so I nurse her on the couch.
8:45am – I head upstairs to change Odette.  Frederick gets in her crib and starts jumping around (a favorite activity – check out my Instagram).  I realize the crib seems a little loose…probably from all the jumping.  I grab some tools from the garage and tighten the bolts.
9:30am – I head back downstairs with Frederick.  He starts playing with his Thomas Trains while I feed Odette some yogurt.
Frederick playing trains
10:00am – Frederick has gymnastics.  It’s his second class and he really likes it.  Odette is sleeping in the stroller so I’m free to move around with Frederick.  I wish I took photos!
11:15am – We get a package from Amazon and Frederick helps me open it – The dumbbells I ordered for the boys!  Frederick plays around with them for a while.  I warm up some leftover chicken and rice for lunch, he eats and then goes down for a nap.
Frederick’s lunch
11:45am – I let the dogs outside and realize the latch on the knob is really starting to stick.  It’s been kind of sticking for a few days, but now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to open the door again.  I text Tim about it and we decide to get a new doorknob altogether.  We have been slowly changing out the knobs in our house to a new finish so it makes sense to just switch this one out.   I’ll go to Home Depot after preschool pickup.
12:00pm – Odette wakes up from her nap.  I nurse and we play for a while.  I throw the boys clothes in the wash and put away some of Odette’s clean clothes.

1:00pm – I make another cup of tea and cleanup while Odetta plays in her jumperoo.

Odette in the Jumperoo
2:00pm – I feed Odette again.  Then I get some drinks and snacks ready for preschool pickup.  I get Odette in her car seat and then I wake up Frederick and carry him straight to the car.
3:00pm – Preschool pickup.  Odette sleeps in her car seat the whole time.
3:30pm – We stop at Home Depot to pick up new door knobs.  The boys both ride in the car – an “airplane” and I carry Etta in a baby carrier.  I end up buying new knobs for all three exterior doors so they match.
4:00pm – We arrive home.  The boys watch one show – Wild Kratts.  I start getting dinner ready.  I start cooking rice and put green beans in the oven.
Green beans for oven
5:00pm – I feed Odette some prunes.
Messy face
5:20pm – I give Odette a quick bath while the boys “help” and then I change her into PJs.  We eat dinner while I hold Odette. Tim is still at work.  We have chicken (leftovers), lentils, rice and green beans.
5:45pm – I nurse and put Odette to bed while the boys play in her room.
6:10pm – Odette is sleeping.  I went to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer when I realized a diaper had snuck in with a load of clothes.  Yuck!  I pulled it out and fished out the big gooey chunks before rewashing the load.  The boys want to help install the new door knobs so we go downstairs together.  I install knobs on one door while the boys assist with their pretend tools.  This project seemed like a good idea in theory, but the boys keep moving around the pieces and it’s really chaotic.  I decide to install the knobs on the remaining doors after they go to bed.
6:30pm – Bathtime for the boys.
6:45pm – I get the boys in their PJs.  We read two books and play Duck Duck Goose.  Leopold is really interested in hearts right now (we have some books on the human body) so I pull out Tim’s stethoscope and we listen to each other’s hearts.  Then I tuck in the boys.
7:10pm – I leave the boys room (hooray!) and head downstairs to finish up the door knob project.
8:00pm – Tim comes home.  He goes upstairs to say goodnight to the boys since they are still awake in their room.  I’m still working on the door knob project…the front door was a little more challenging than I thought.
8:30pm – Tim eats dinner and I sit down with him for a while.  He goes upstairs to finish notes (work) in bed.
9:30pm – I’m done with the door knobs!  I work on dishes and pack Leopold’s lunch.
10:00pm – I pump and then bottle feed Odette (more on this approach in another post).
10:30pm – I switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I get in my PJs, wash my face and brush teeth.  I notice that Tim fell asleep working on notes.  I take my spot on the bed back from the dog.
11:00pm – Goodnight!

– Anna, Life with Little Ones


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