Day in the Life: Spring 2017

Ok, I know it’s been a while.  I’m hoping to dive back into blogging with a new quarterly Day in the Life post.  You can find my last Day in the Life post here. It was my most popular post so far!


Background: The date is Monday, April 24th.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  I have three kids – Leopold is 4, Frederick is 2 and Odette is 7 months.  My husband’s name is Tim and he is a physician in residency.  We have 2 dogs – Zoey and Boris. 

6:00am – I wake up before the kids and head downstairs to get things ready and make myself tea.  Tim’s been up for a while and just got off the phone with the resident who worked the night shift so he can prep for his patients.  Tim gets in the shower.
6:15am – The boys wake up and come downstairs.  I give them some milk and cereal.  They watch an episode of “Ready Jet Go” while they eat.  I let the dogs out. I go upstairs to grab Odette out of her crib.  She’s babbling to herself but not crying.  I change her diaper and feed the dogs.  I make Odette a bottle and feed her while hanging out with the boys downstairs.
Leo’s cereal
6:30am  Tim leaves.  I help the boys get their clothes and shoes on, but we still have an hour before we can leave for school.  Leopold wants to pretend they are camping so the kids collect sticks in the yard and pretend to roast mini marshmallows on a campfire. Totally normal activity for 6:30am, right?  I take this opportunity to get dressed, brush my teeth, and throw on some makeup.  I also use dry shampoo to make my hair look semi-presentable since I don’t have time to shower.
Mini marshmallows on sticks
7:00am – I change Odette’s outfit and get her buckled in her car seat.  I grab Leopold’s lunch from the refrigerator and pack his backpack.  I give Zoey her medicine (she has cancer) in a leftover meatball from the night before and Boris gets a placebo meatball.  I let the dogs out again.
7:15am – I start packing kids and stuff in the car.  I notice the boys have marshmallow dust on their faces and quickly wipe them off.  Both boys have their teddy bears in tow and Leopold is also insisting on bringing his chapstick to school. Sure, whatever.
7:25am – We leave for school!
7:50am – I unbuckle everyone and we all go into school.  I’m carrying Odette and Leopold’s backpack.  the boys are carrying their teddy bears.  I stay and watch Leopold write his name which he does every morning.  Then, I say goodbye and head back to the car with Frederick and Odette.
8:20am – We arrive back home.  I feed Etta some yogurt and make myself breakfast.  I make toast with peanut butter and Frederick wants toast with butter.  He insists on buttering the toast himself…
Frederick’s toast with WAY too much butter

8:45am – I change Odette’s diaper and feed her a bottle.  She’s acting pretty tired so I lay her in her crib.  I pack the diaper bag and a lunch for Frederick.  Then I make myself a cup of tea in a travel mug. I let the dogs outside again.

9:15am – I get Frederick and Odette back in the car and we head to the zoo.  We don’t have a lot of time this morning, but Frederick really wants to visit the zoo.
9:30am – We arrive at the zoo.  I unpack the double stroller and get Frederick and Odette in their seats.  Frederick asks to see the hippo so we head there first.  Then we quickly see the gibbons, elephants, dinosaur (fake), and giraffes.  Frederick insists on toting his Easter basket around the zoo.
Looking at the hippo
Odette in the stroller
Bathroom selfie

10:40am – We leave the zoo and drive to Leopold’s school to volunteer at lunch.

11:00am – We arrive at school and I change Odette’s diaper in the parking lot.  I put Odette in the baby bjorn and we walk into school.  Frederick sits down at a table and starts eating his lunch.  Leopold’s class files in and sits down with Frederick.  I help hand out lunches to the kids and help them unwrap their food.  I try to encourage the kids to eat their lunches, but all they are just filled with questions about Odette.  Here are just a few:

  • Does she have teeth?
  • Can she sit? Can she stand? Can she run? Can she ride a bike?
  • Can she eat pizza? Apples? Cookies? Carrots? Yogurt?
  • Can she drive a truck?
  • Does she have teeth? Can I see?
  • Where is her hair?

11:45am – Lunch finishes up and we say goodbye to Leopold.  I help clean up and walk out to the car with Frederick and Odette.

12:15pm – We get back home and Frederick goes upstairs to use the bathroom. I put Odette in her highchair and give her some mashed up spaghetti and meatballs.  She eats that fairly quickly then I feed her a bottle and put her down for a nap.  Meanwhile, Frederick finishes in the bathroom and I sneak a peek at the wreckage…ugh, I’ll deal with that later.  Frederick goes in his room for his nap.

Lunch for Odette
The bathroom and Frederick is done

 12:30pm – I go downstairs and starting making myself lunch while I listen to a podcast – “The Daily” by the New York Times. I make a quesadilla.

My lunch
12:45pm – I quickly take a shower and then head downstairs to work on dishes and put things away while my hair dries a little.
1:30pm – I use the blow dryer to finish drying my hair and then curl the ends.  I put on makeup.
2:00pm – Odette wakes up and I feed her again.  Then I get her in the car and pack some snacks for the boys.  I run upstairs to wake up Frederick and carry him to the car.  Frederick sleeps the whole way to school.
2:45pm – We get to school and I realize that I forgot to grab shoes for Frederick…crap.  I wake him up and carry Odette and Frederick up to school, but make Frederick walk once we get into school because I can’t easily carry both of them.  He’s upset because he doesn’t have any shoes…oops, I know!  I’d like to point out that this is our 3rd trip to school today and he wore shoes 2 out of the 3 trips, so it’s not that bad.  We pick up Leopold who is very confused about Frederick’s shoe situation.  On our way out, Frederick realizes he has to use the bathroom and has to go in without shoes (yuck!).  Then we get back to the car and Leopold realizes he forgot his chapstick.  We all go back inside to retrieve the chapstick.  Finally, we get back to the car and head home. The boys eat goldfish on the way home.
3:30pm – We get back home and the boys watch an episode of Dinosaur Train.  I unpack Leopold’s lunch from school and load some dishes in the dishwasher.  Then, I look through the freezer for some dinner options. I find some tempeh and after Googling recipes I decide on a balsamic maple glazed tempeh.  I throw the tempeh in a marinade.  I give Odette some snacks in the highchair.  I let the dogs out.
4:15pm – After their TV show is over, the boys play with Odette and build a fort.  Someone decides that Odette needs a sticker on her forehead.
4:30pm – I put tempeh and spinach in the oven and make rice in the microwave.  I go upstairs to clean up and cycle through the laundry.  Then, I set the table.  Tim texts me and says he’s going to miss dinner.
5:30pm – Dinner time!  I think the tempeh turned out pretty good.  I grab an IPA for myself and the boys have milk with their dinner.
6:00pm – I wrap up a plate of food for Tim and put it in the refrigerator. I give Zoey her medicine again and Boris his placebo.  I change Odette and give her a bottle before bed while the boys play games on my iPad. I set her down in the crib and turn off the lights.  Then, I feed the dogs their dinner and let them outside.
6:15pm – I help the boys get into their pajamas and brush their teeth.  We read books and tell stories.  I give tuck them in and say goodnight.  I know the boys won’t go to sleep right away, but they have to stay in their rooms.
7:00pm – I head downstairs to clean up.  I do the dishes, wipe off the table and clean up remnants of their fort.  I realize the trash is full and take it out along with the recycling.  Then I start to pack Leopold’s lunch, snacks and water bottle for the next day. During this time, I listen to a few podcasts and let the dogs outside.
8:00pm – Tim comes home.  The boys are still awake and just playing in their rooms so I let them come downstairs to say hello.  We play a song (Gangnam Style – what is this 2012?) and the boys show Tim some of their new dance moves.  Leopold is legitimately trying to break dance and explains that he learned it at school…interesting.  Tim takes the boys back upstairs and tucks them in again.
8:30pm – I hang out downstairs while Tim eats his dinner.  He pulls out the computer and starts working on notes (charts).  I let the dogs outside again. Then, I head upstairs, change into pajamas, wash my face and brush teeth.
9:00pm – I consider folding all the laundry that is accumulating in the laundry room and decide instead to watch the season premiere of VEEP – priorities, right?  Tim comes upstairs to work on notes in bed.
9:45pm – I get a bottle ready for Odette and wake her up to feed her before bed.  I turn out the lights and shut the kids’ doors.
10:00pm – Tim is still working on notes, but I’m super tired and fall asleep.  Goodnight!

– Anna, Life with Little Ones

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