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Parenting Hack: Save Time Changing Sheets

Here’s some advice I received before I started potty training – make the bed twice to save time changing sheets.  This is especially helpful when you are trying to change sheetings in the middle of the night!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Make the bed like normal – waterproof sheet then fitted sheet
  2. Now add a second layer – waterproof sheet then fitted sheet

When the first layer gets soiled, you just peel off the top two sheets and VOILA – a clean bed!

We use this all the time – not just for potty training.  I even use this on crib bedding.

– Anna, Life with Little Ones

Parenting Hack: Putting Baby Down to Sleep

When our first child was born, our pediatrician passed along this tip and we have used it with all three kids.  It was a life saver!

Before you lay a baby down in their crib, use a heating pad to heat up the sheet.  Remove the heating pad and set the baby down in a nice, warm bed.  This is particularly helpful when you just can’t seem to set a baby down without them crying – the warmth makes it seem like they are still being held!

This just became part of our bedtime routine for the first few months and then we phased it out.

Caution – Don’t leave the heating pad in the crib with the baby and make sure you store cords safely out of reach.  

– Anna, Life with Little Ones